Just a sec, I’m like freaking out actually…..2000ft, no ropes

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November 29, 2012 by John Buckley

So this dude, Alex Honnold, likes to climb without any ropes, free soloing. I’ve only done a bit of climbing myself, I did a course in New Zealand on a volcano (was interesting), and it’s a tough technical sport, but one with a buzz like no other.

While I’ll never be anywhere near Alex, there’s something about being there with a mountain, a height, something that you know, as Alex put’s it, ‘that you’ll squish if you fall’. But it’s not a sport of idiots. The risks are know, but the drive is to conquer. Alex is an intellectual kind of guy. While there has been many deaths from free climbing, notably in Ireland recently, with the passing of Michael Reardon in Kerry in 2007, the sport does have few fatalities.

I know many think it’s irresponsible in some ways, but as humans have we not arrived at where we are today by pushing the boundaries of our humanity?


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