Buzzing Downhill


November 30, 2012 by John Buckley

This weekend sees Red Bull holding the second instalment of their ‘Fox Hunt’ Mountain Bike series (no foxes involved!). Here’s the video from last year in Wicklow. The event was held in Ballinastoe Woods, where they have some great beginner tracks that are managed by Coillte.

One of my good buddies is mad into it and has brought me out a few times, accompanied by the caviate ‘don’t try and keep up with me’. He’s right, I smashed myself a number of times, but the buzz of flying downhill, through mud, over tree stumps, trying not to get your pedals clipped by a rock, is something like no other.

Being Dramatic

I’m being very dramatic here, but pulling the wrong break will cost you a bit of blood and a small bit of pain! But so worth it! Anyone looking for a good buzz get down to Ballinstoe and hire a bike from

I’m heading back out next weekend with Niall again. This time we’re going to try night biking…..this will be interesting!


2 thoughts on “Buzzing Downhill

  1. Niall says:

    Coillte are the same people that also banned this huge, internationally exposed, race from happening this year in Wicklow. How many events in Ireland have a helicopter recording it and get exposure as far away as Japan? Yet they pull the license as they didn’t know it started on top of the mountain (which was also the same place for the past 6 years but they never bothered to check) so short sighted!

    Red Bull did it up in the Belfast this year instead and the pictures and exposure they got for Belfast was fantastic, another opportunity lost.

    See you Sunday John, don’t crash this time or at least let me know so I can laugh! Great blog.

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