Don’t drop the ball on Mental Health: Urgent email to the Cabinet, Budget 2013


November 30, 2012 by John Buckley

Mental Health Reform have been running a fantastic campaign leading up to Budget 2013, ‘Don’t Drop the Ball’. They’re calling on the government to keep it’s promises in relation to mental health spending. I blogged earlier this week in relation to Minister Lynch’s comments. Yes we are broke, but we are (and I don’t like saying it like this) our countries most valuable asset. This week MHR presented a petition of 10,000 signatures to Minister Lynch, citizens call on budgets not to be cut. No only that, but that they’re real, no imagined, investment in mental health.

Mental Health Reform

I used the HSE’s mental health services nearly two years ago now and they most definitely help to save my life.

Please take two minutes to email the cabinet directly, Mental Health Reform have all you need here.

Here’s the template and a short extra piece that I added on:

Dear Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Cabinet Ministers

As you finalise Budget 2013, I urge you to keep your Programme for Government promise to invest in developing community mental health services. Mental health services are needed now more than ever and I urge you to champion mental health in next year’s Budget. Please ensure that the commitment to invest €35 million annually in community mental health is honoured.

I myself was a HSE mental health service user in Mayo about 2 years ago. These services saved my life and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the staff who supported me. But A Vision for change needs to be implemented along with renewed investment. Our greatest asset in times of economic crisis are our people. Please invest in their wellbeing. Just look at the effect the recession had on Greece with a 40% increase in the suicide rate. 

Don’t drop the ball on mental health 

You can send the email from your personal account to the following address. Please do, please take the time to mail. And reference you’re own experiences if you feel comfortable, feel free to reference mine if you like. But please speak up.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


One thought on “Don’t drop the ball on Mental Health: Urgent email to the Cabinet, Budget 2013

  1. […] I received the first reply today to a call to protect the mental health budget, sent to cabinet ministers last week. You can read more here. […]

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