“That’s Life” (Apologies for the language): A Poem

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December 2, 2012 by John Buckley

“That’s life”. Sure is he said, while objectionably lying down into a rented bed.Sure isn’t life just everything he questioned. But no she was being specific.It’s life when someone enters and exits another. It’s life when that trust is built but then it shudders. Fuckin’ text messages. ‘The air is thick with words’ Paul Noonan crooned “but not between us”. But what’s at the other end, you make it up yourself, is it the heal of the batch? All I wanted was a chat and to be spooned, maybe find my match.

 “That’s life”. Sure is, she may have thought, while the night was continually fought. But life is hard to accept, especially if that specific plot has yet to be met. That bit that is life but you haven’t lived in, where your thinking everything is a sin, and mainly caused by the gin (not the tonic). Where it’s all depressingly platonic.

“That’s life”. Sure is he said, while battling the fucking demons in his head. There was a gaggle of them there, hell bent on carnage. Unfortunately they had a mortgage and didn’t rent. As you desperately seek the surge to complete a purge, foundations are laid down post haste, like a fucking boom time ghost estate.

“That’s life”. Sure is they called. The demons this time while bouncing off the fucking walls. But this time, he had them locked in, there definitely wasn’t any gin. You have to be careful after all, not to drop the concrete ball. 

“That’s life”. Sure is he said, and he finds that spot, you know the one, burrowing into bed. The one that comes after you’ve sat through the shit, it always comes, but often seems a bit desperate. You’ll meet the ghosts from the estate, but the ones to whom you can actually relate.

“That’s life”. Sure is, he knew, and for a lucky few, it fuckin’ flew. But you know what, they never lived. They didn’t feel or give. Life is fuckin’ hard, it’s not a hallmark generic holiday card. We cope, survive and in the end we’ll probably even thrive.

“That’s life”. Sure is he said, as one day he hoped to solace again he would be led. 


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