The best way to spread Christmas cheer…(Christmas can be hard)

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December 22, 2012 by John Buckley

As Buddy the Elf says, “Is singing loud for all to hear”. While this may be true sometimes, it quiet often may annoy people. Christmas while being bright and shinny can often be really hard, dark and lonely. So what can we do to make it brighter and easier for some of the people around us?

  • Understand – that Christmas isn’t always AMAZING!!! This can be hard and we can try and force people to be festive. When they may not be quiet there just yet.
  • Listen – Drop people the odd phone call, text, Facebook whatever. Even maybe on Christmas Day. Which is when we usually switch off. It only takes tens mins max. But you can make sure someone feels loved or even basically that they know someone out there cares.
  • Alcohol – Booze does not equal Christmas, and can cause a lot of hardship at this time of year. So think about trying not to revolve everything around drink. What about a movie night, ultimate monopoly or the old Christmas swim? This may really help those who are taking medication or going through a tough time.
  • Not about the money – kind of links back to the booze and nights out thing. But the most thoughtful things, and the things that get people through Christmas cost nothing. It’s the smile, the compliment, telling someone you care about him or her. These are the things that help. Make something with your hands, send someone a YouTube play list, and drop something in Drop box. Origami too!!!
  • Random Acts of Kindness – tell someone they’re beautiful. Tell them you like their Christmas jumper. Help someone who’s confused at the bus stop. Share a taxi. Wake someone up who’s fallen asleep on the nitelink! Make someone a card. Share your smile and maybe even a hug.
  • Music – dance, move, crump, play, and listen. Share it with your buddies!
  • Social Media – there’s people that you don’t really know there but say hey, check if they’re ok if their status or post seems off. Remind them there’s help out there and that things are going to get brighter. Share a stupid video or photo (lol cats are good in my book).
  • Laugh – get out the stupidest comedy ever! Tell a stupid Dad joke. Think back to the stupid stories you share with people. Make your tummy ache!
  • Prepare – stick the following numbers in your phone (Samaritans 1850609090, Childline 1800666666 and One Life Suicide 1800247100). But prepare to listen and be there.

And most of all spread the love. Because that’s what it’s all really about, that’s what’s keeps us swimming (as Dory would say).


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